• We're Bringing Happy Back...

    June 11, 2012, 11:09 a.m.

    The past week has been a major whirlwind, which included attending my dear friend Lisa's launch party for her new recipe book called "I love Corn," which benefits children who have lost a parent a young age; jaunting to a trunk show in Buffalo at Hive Lifespan Center; modeling The Marilyn Bra at a 50's themed party to celebrate the launch of Julie Mollo for BodyRock Sport; taking the 5 am flight on Saturday to Orange County for Fashion Destionation Group's fashion show at The St. Regis in Dana Point, where we had our first true fashion show with LED light and all; and now getting ready to film all day for my TLC show. This synopsis does not include all of the incredible press and othet TV opportunities that have come my way in the past 100 hours. As I lay in bed reflecting on this amazing variety of events, a few adjectives pop in my head: fun, sexy, confidence, empowerment, and uniqueness. These five words define the ethos of BodyRock Sport, and more and more, I am coming to realize that the vast majority of others understand what we're all about. This isn't always the case with buyers, who take a bit longer to get with the program. 

    Last week, however, my beautiful brand manager Jill and I flew to HIVE Lifespan Center in Buffalo for an all-day fitness/fashion extravaganza, which included incredibly delicious treats, like hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with truffle salt and fresh berries with almond butter; an intense workout session replete with all of my favorite moves, such as sprinting and squats; and the debut of our fabulous collection at HIVE. 

    The second I walked into HIVE, I felt as if I had been catapulted onto cloud 9. The energy is contagious, which is clearly due to the owner, Chris Salisbury, whose passion resonates with me on what feels like an extraterrestial level. The aesthetic is jaw-droppingly gorgeous--a delectable combination of modern, edgy, sleek, sexy, and crisp. I also love that they're eco-friendly and have eucalyptus towels, which came in very handy during our intensive sweat session. Chris is all about the details. The lounge area even has my favorite Kartell lamps in black. And the employees are so beyond cool and friendly. The way Chris and his team merchandised the pieces he ordered from us made me so happy. Right away, "I thought this man gets it!" And he styled The Sophie Bra on a very sexy mannequin, who until that day remained nameless. We decided to name her Leah. 

    Not sure what Leah was wearing a month ago, but she has certainly taken her wardrobe to the next level. Now, she is rocking The Sophie Bra with The Jaclyn Moto Jacket, The Jessica Moto Leggings and a pair of purple patent heels, which Chris just bought for her. Apparently, the members are loving her new attire, which makes them smile. How could they not?!

    And although there are a zillion reasons to love Chris and HIVE, the number one reason is that we both strive to make you smile and to feel the best you've ever felt. 

    And that, my dear BodyRockers, is a very powerful guiding principle. 

    If you live in or near Buffalo, do yourselves a favor and become a member at HIVE Lifespan Center. Their shirts say "Look Better Naked." I would add, and "Feel better naked."


    HIVE Lifespan Center

    9570 Transit Road  

    East Amherst, NY 14051

    (716) 625-4483

    Cheers to happiness......xoKELLY