Charities We Support

We proudly support charities that help spread the empowering ethos that defines us as a company. This mission to empower is not only reflected in our entire collection, but also in the way we promote our customers and support charities that are meaningful to us. These are charities that promote confidence, courage, empowerment, health, self-defense, and an all-around positive vibe. Whether it be teaching young women how to defend themselves, coaching kids how to run a 5K, or providing women with free breast exams, we strongly believe in paying 'em forward, because, in the beautiful world we live in, what goes around comes around.

  • New York Road Runners' Team for Kids

    Team for Kids was established in 2002 as the primary charity fund-raising vehicle for New York Road Runner’s youth services division. Funds raised through Team for Kids provide free or low-cost school and community-based health and fitness programs to children who would otherwise have no access to regular physical activity. Currently, our programs serve nearly 100,000 children each year in more than 400 schools across New York City, the nation, and South Africa. With obesity still on the rise, NYRR’s youth services equip children with the tools they need to become physically fit for life, while also incorporating goal-setting, character-building, and nutrition education.

  • Girls' LEAP (Lifetime Empowerment & Awareness Program)

    Girls’ LEAP is a non-profit agency which offers self-defense and empowerment programs to Boston girls aged 8-18. Girls’ LEAP provides programs throughout Greater Boston by partnering with community based organizations to reach girls in their own neighborhoods. Our programs incorporate unique self-reflective and physical self-defense activities to transform the lives of girls by teaching skills that encourage conflict resolution, violence de-escalation and healthy boundary setting.

    Girls’ LEAP programs help girls unlock their voices, and increase their self-worth and courage.

  • American Cancer Society

    The American Cancer Society is here to help you take steps every day to stay well. They have the resources, information, and support you need to stay motivated to eat right and get active, quit smoking or help a loved one kick the habit, and understand what cancer screenings you need. We decided to partner with American Cancer Society with our Empower 'em Collection, which we consider to be The World’s First Fashionable Mastectomy Sports Bra. For each bra that is purchased, we will be donating one to ACS to women in need.

  • The Dougy Center

    The Dougy Center was founded in 1982 by Beverly Chappell in tribute to Dougy Turno, a young boy who died of an inoperable brain tumor at age 13. Before meeting Dougy, Bev was a registered nurse who had worked in the area of death and dying since 1974. Through her work, she found most people were uncomfortable when faced with death and grief and that doctors, clergy, hospital staff, and school personnel often did not have the training to support children in their grief. This reality inspired Bev to attend the first of many seminars and lectures by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, pioneer and author in the field of death and dying.

    In August 1981, Dougy wrote a poignant letter to Dr. Kubler-Ross, asking why no one would speak to him of dying, even when he was facing his own death. Dr. Kubler-Ross corresponded with Dougy, and encouraged Beverly Chappell to meet him and his family when they visited Oregon Health Sciences University for experimental treatment. Bev clearly saw in Dougy a thirst for life and deep compassion for others, which many never attain, even in their older years. After Dougy’s death later that year, his wisdom and inspiration stayed with Bev and led her to start support groups for grieving children. Those first families in need of grief support met in Bev’s basement family room in her Southeast Portland home. Soon a board of directors was recruited, volunteer facilitators were trained, and The Dougy Center entered a phenomenal period of growth.

    Today, The Dougy Center serves over 400 children and their 250 adult family members each month. Their 26, open-ended peer support groups meet every other week and are divided by age, type of death (illness, sudden death, murder, suicide) and who died (parent, sibling). The concurrent 26 adult support groups meet at the same time for the caregiver of the child or teen who is attending group. Since their founding, The Dougy Center has served almost 30,000 children, teens and their families and has received national and international acclaim for their pioneering peer support model for helping children cope with the death of a family member. Through their National Training Program and training materials, thousands have learned how to help grieving children and 500 programs modeled after The Dougy Center have been established worldwide.

    The Dougy Center relies on the generosity of individuals, businesses and foundations. They receive no government funding and are supported entirely by private donations and professional training fees. They never charge families for their services.

    Having lost our father as young kids, we are very passionate about this worthwhile cause. To find out more about peer support groups at The Dougy Center ( and how you can help, you may call 503.775.5683 or email [email protected]

  • LA's BEST: After School Enrichment

    LA’s BEST was created in 1988 by Mayor Tom Bradley to address an alarming rise in the lack of adequate adult supervision of children during the critical hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. They serve 28,000 kids at 189 elementary school sites in Los Angeles in neighborhoods most vulnerable to gangs, drugs, crime and at schools with the lowest student test scores.

  • International Princess Project

    International Princess™ Project began in with six women working in one center in 2005. There are now over 155 women working at one of three sewing centers in India. At the holistic care, sewing centers, the ladies sew PUNJAMMIES™, beautiful drawstring pajama pants that are marketed and sold in the US and Canada. Additionally, there are over 300 children that may have a different reality for their lives, then that which they grew up in because of this project. You can learn more about International Princess™ Project here by watching this video: