I compete in Duathlons and going from bike to run with the ability to wear the same thing streamlines the transition for me. I’m in love with your cycling shorts!! Not too short or too long (want to show off those gams!) with just the right amount of padding but easy to run in!! I paired them with the Giselle bra and you’re right - no headlights!! Us girls should be able to look stunning, show off our hard work without showing off too much and you do just that!! I’m just over the top impressed with your eye for detail!! Thank you for making my events even better!!

Sam: Camp Verde, Arizona

I do a lot of yoga and was recently introduced to hot yoga. I’ll admit I was a bit at a loss on what to wear when I stumbled on to your website. I’m so glad I did!! The yoganista collection is perfect!! Looks striking and covers everything important but gives me freedom to move (and sweat!)and stays where it’s supposed to. I’m so impressed with what I have that now I’m looking to add more!

Nicky: Pocatello, Idaho

Don’t think I“m complaining when I say I live in a climate that is pretty much always warm. I love it! But sports bras seem to be made to layer and not as the “main event” so I’m in absolute heaven with so many beautiful sports bras!! I don’t usually need anything but a bra and a pair of shorts and you make both look so impressive that I definitely don’t need anything else! The prints, the bling…. Just adore them!!

Taylor : Makakilo, Hawaii

I train with a heart rate monitor and I love that you have a bra specifically to hold it in place!! I also own one of your other sports bras and it does the trick as well, but with the humidity in the south, sweat is definitely an issue and these keep things right where they belong!! So many choices!!

Chris: Shreveport, Louisianna

Just WOW!! I don’t have words for how impressed I am!! I finally “broke down” and spent the money on one of your bras because I had heard so many good things. I honestly would pay MORE for how well made and comfortable it is!! (but you don’t need to raise the prices…) I’m going through my sports bras as we speak to get rid of most of them and add more of your collection to my drawer!!

Casey: Abilene, Texas

BodyRock is just amazing!! I’m so thrilled to have found a company so completely dedicated to women!! My mom went through breast cancer so I’m intimately aware of the challenges associated with such a devastating disease. Love a company that’s so “supportive” (pun intended) of women’s specific needs and looks so incredible!!

Andrea, Germany

I’ve emailed and asked questions and not only have I gotten answers, they came quickly and with enthusiasm. Every time I wear BodyRock I get compliments and people ask where I get my sports bras. I’ve gotten good at integrating the sports bras into my everyday clothing - anytime my neckline is a little too low….. Thank you for making a sports bra so beautiful that I want to wear it all day long!!

Brianna: Lebanon, New Hampshire

I read about BodyRock Sports bras in a blog. The bras were rated so highly that I checked out the website and started following Kelly’s Closet. I loved the tips and motivation as well as how she started the company. My respect for the company grew over the few months prior to me breaking down and making an order of my own. Once I did there’s been no going back!! My only regret is not ordering sooner because now I don’t wear anything else. I got 8 sports bras and gave away every other bra I owned. Over the last year I’ve added capris, jacket, shirts, shorts, etc… and my collection continues to grow. Seeing the new items unveiled gets me excited to run even more - not only am I getting the mileage in, I know my clothes look great! Thanks BodyRock!!

Gabrielle: Burlington, Vermont

Honestly, my mom ordered from BodyRock. I saw what came in the mail and knew I needed to try BodyRock’s clothes and sports bras for myself! Luckily we’re the same size. I couldn’t believe the difference in quality from the other sports bras I had worn running. The tank tops and morning after shirts made the transition from running to running errands seamless. I just threw one over the sports bra and running capris and looked like I had stepped out of a fashion magazine. Looked so great, I wore them to my college classes and then straight to the gym as well. Now that I’ve ordered my own, I don’t have to sneak them from her!!

Olivia: Big Lake, Alaska

The capris and leggings are SO comfortable!! Honestly I was afraid that something that looks SO fantastic couldn’t possibly feel so amazing and work so perfectly! BodyRock has cornered the market on looking beautiful with perfect function. I can’t wait until my next order arrives - that shiny envelope is my favorite thing to see in the mailbox!!

Ashlea: Ft Bragg, California

I like the designs and how simple it seems but how it’s taken to another level to own a sports bra that looks so great. I love that BodyRock puts bling on almost every sports bra made!! The styles are diverse - so many choices!! BodyRock is so creative and seems to have an endless supply of ideas on taking the same item and redesigning it! So hard to choose!!

Kezia: Anchorage, Alaska

BodyRock Sport is so creative!! It takes something so simple and necessary and makes it extraordinary!! Looking good goes a long way in feeling good and BodyRock goes above and beyond in that department. Comfortable and stylish!!

Alana: Willow, AK

I’m 41 years young and I’ve worked hard over the years to keep my body in the best shape I can. As an avid runner logging over 30 miles a week, I not only want to BE badass I want to LOOK beautiful!! BodyRock is the only sports bra I’ll wear because quality, comfort and function are uppermost in importance to me. BodyRock easily meets and exceeds those qualifications and then takes quite an extra step by integrating fashion and bling!! My running coach tells me that for someone who works so hard, I always have the most sparkly, badass sports bras!! Uh, yes… Naturally. I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Jennifer Adams: Reno, Nevada

I don’t have enough words in this little space to tell you how amazing this company is! Their bras are beautiful, comfortable and high quality! But their customer service is reason alone to never shop anywhere else!! Send them an email and you get an answer almost immediately - I’m talking within a minute in most cases!! Something go wrong? I hope not, but if so, they bend over backwards to make it right. BodyRock Sport has earned a loyal customer. I will not buy my sports bras anywhere else ever again!!

Amanda: Canyon Country, CA

I bought my first Body Rock sports bra at the Arnold this year and I LOVE IT!!! It helps me to feel feminine while I’m sweating like a man in the gym lol. Thank you Body Rock for bringing SEXY BACK to the gym :) https://mail.emich.edu/service/home/~/?auth=co&id=69715&part=2

Amanda Scavo: South Lyon , Michigan

I love BRS because they have the best customer support! Kelly Dooley is very involved and is very quick to help with sizing and questions. She is only one person but she really puts her heart and soul in to BRS! Its very admirable to see some one stand behind their business and be so hands on and involved! I started off with one bra, The Imani and my wardrobe now consists of The Sophie, The Jamie, The Lauren, and The Megan bra. I also have the Jessica Moto leggings and I love wearing the bras so much, I even wear them when I’m not at the gym! I love the Bras so much that I even ordered a larger size recently so that I can wear them when and if we conceive another child and I’m not even pregnant yet, LOL! I am really looking forward to the new patterns and colors because I sincerely love how they fit and I can not wait to see what Kelly comes up with next!

Sandra: Phoenix, Arizona

So excited to have discovered this line! BRS has a terrific selection of sports bras from everyday wear to fab photo shoots. Thanks!!!

Jess: Raleigh, NC

Funny thing about a great bra is that they usually are boring, old lady, blah bras… but after ordering my first BodyRock bra, I knew I found gold. This bra is beyond amazing. A GREAT, supportive, quality bra that looks hot! I did 13 miles yesterday in my Liz bra and felt amazing. Super comfortable during the run and I felt great so I ran great! I bought a BodyRock bra for a friend as a gift and she is hooked too! Quality bra that is worth every freaking penny. Seriously cannot say enough good stuff about these bras! Can’t wait for more styles and designs to come out so I can stock up on more!

Dana: Frankfort, IL

I love BodyRock! Cute and stylish! Something I can wear to a photoshoot and to the gym or around town and know I look super hot the whole time! Also, the fit is amazing and do many styles to chose from!

Brittney Rau: Sheboygan, Wi

I LOVE BodyRock Sport! I finally found a place where I can buy fitness wear that is sexy, fashionable and rarely do I ever see anyone else in my gym with the same thing on!

Katie Elkins: Fort Collins, CO

I absolutely LOVE BodyRock! I have purchased several bras and shorts and they are just the most fashionable sportswear out there! I wore my Hayley Bra with my Joy Shorts to a posing workshop this weekend and I had at least 20 girls complimenting my outfit and asking where it was from! Love sending new girls to BodyRock’s website!! I know they will be just as pleased with their purchases (and I say purchases because you can’t just buy once!) as much as I do! Thank you BodyRock!! Can’t wait for my upcoming photoshoot in my Durga Bra and Booty Shorts!!

Loni: Kansas City, Missouri

I love you because your bras are comfortable and don’t give me uni-boob!! Not to mention they are very cute and stylish, not boring!

Kandice: Green River, WY

I just had a terriffic customer service experience with Kelly. Due to a minor ordering glitch, they were out of the bra I wanted in the size I needed. She offered to exchange any other bra in the same collection regardless of price. I can’t wait for my order to come through the mail. The service so far has been quick and friendly. The styles are beautiful. And, every review talks about the comfort and quality of the items. I’m looking forward to becoming a lifetime shopper on BodyRockSport.com.

Elizabeth: Montgomery, AL

The Jessica Moto Leggings have become a staple item in my wardrobe whether it’s to go out or go work out! Looooooove how hot they look and how comfy they are. They look amazing with a hot pair of heels OR in sneakers :)

rachel baker: San Marcos, CA

I am absolutely IN LOVE with my BodyRock Sport! Not only do I look frickin’ hot, but I have a very high-quality product that I know will stand up to my exercise. Kelly does a great job blending fashion with function: the Liz Bra has a small zipper pocket on the front, perfectly sized for my keys when I go out running. But I don’t just use my BRS for fitness; I love spicing up my everyday outfits with Kelly’s designs.

But it’s not just her designs that are amazing – Kelly’s customer service is top-notch. I had originally ordered a certain bra, and Kelly contacted me to let me know it’s not one of the more supportive designs (and I, well, need support). She offered to let me choose a more supportive bra instead and exchange it… and she was very attentive in helping me select an alternative. This really shows me that Kelly isn’t doing this just to make money – she genuinely cares about her customers and wants them to have the best fit to best rock their body.

Thanks so much, Kelly, for a wonderful product, and amazing customer service! I really do hope to buy from you again soon. :)

Dana: Davis, CA

I have come across your AMAZING line of clothing. I got The Danielle Sports Bra from The Zip 'em Up Collection and The Melyssa Shorts from The Gorgeous Gams Collection, and the material and fit are incredible!! I love the animal print and have never worn such a comfortable and supportive sport bra!  I highly recommend this line and I will be a lifelong customer for sure. I give 10 STARS to the customer service, quick delivery, and the detail in the work!! Thank you Kelly Dooley for this awesome line. My husband said, “WOW, that top looks incredible on you, like it was made for you,.”  And the shorts are so comfortable—I was so impressed with the detail in your clothing! Thank you so much! 

Vicki: Boyertown, PA

I love my new sports bra. It’s so fancy with a zipper and pockets. They are very comfortable sport bras. It is easy for me to run with and do any exercise, and to put on. They are not hard to put on because of the amazing side zipper. I really appreciate the hard work you have done to make my team a sports bra. I give you thanks for everything you have done!  

Milika: Bronx, NY

I love the sports bra you gave me. I feel very comfortable in it. When I run in it, I feel free. The sports bras are very cute. I love the color. I even wear them in my house. I appreciate you giving me this sport bra. I love how it has the zipper on the side. It makes it easier for me to put on. I also love the little pockets on the sports bra. I love running with my team, especially now that I can wear your cool bras! 

Karina: Bronx, NY

I am an 8th grader and I am on a track team. I would like to thank you for providing the young ladies stylish sports bras. Lately, we’ve been able to run more freely and comfortably—not only run but also jump and be more free. With your sports bra, I no longer have to try to cover my chest with my arms no matter what activity I am doing. The sport bras were also exciting due to their cool, funky looks and designs. Thank you so much!!!


Talici: Bronx, NY

Dear Sports Bra Lady, 

I am an 8th grader and I wanted to thank you for giving my team sports bra. Using a sports bra is very comfortable for us when we are running a race. I was able to jump freely. I no longer have to cover up with a big hoodie thanks to your generosity. The sports bras are a big help for me! 


Kathaleen: Brooklyn, NY

I love the sports bra you gave me. The sports bras are awesome—they fit nicely and are so comfortable. I really appreciate you giving us those colorful sport bras! They make working out much more fun! 

Marlene: Bronx, NY

The Jessica Leggings from The Show 'em Some Swagger Collection fit like a glove. The material clings to your legs and hips, without cutting you off at the waist or creating bulging areas. The fabric is silky, smooth and durable, and the silhouette is incredibly flattering. I have never found another pair that zip up the back- they may very well be the world’s most perfect leggings!

Jess: New York, NY

It’s about time someone designs work out gear that is colorful and vibrant. Kelly Dooley’s designs and fabric choices are so fun and interesting! When I wore them during Bonnaroo, I got so many compliments and I felt amazing. 

Kellee: Pittsburgh, PA

BodyRock Sport provides comfortable athletic gear that can go straight from the gym to your daily life. It’s hip and functional. My favorite is the studded Peek-a-Boo tanks that I wear inside and out of yoga class.

Lani: Pittsburgh, PA

I’m a stickler for quality clothes, and my workout gear is no exception. Kelly’s pieces are the best of the best. She starts with innovative designs, and then creates them in fine fabric with quality construction. Because she herself is an avid athlete, she’s able to incorporate smart details that make a big difference –internal key/iPod pockets, flat seaming, lightweight wicking fabric, etc. The latest addition to my personal BodyRock collection is The Sophie Bra. Let’s just say me and Miss Sophie are going to be very good friends indeed!

Nicole: New York, NY

As an avid runner and veteran of over 20 marathons, I am always looking for new and improved performance apparel. BodyRock definitely fits the bill. The Lock 'em Down Collection is perfect for running: supportive, comfortable and stylish. The new Simply Divine tanks are a wonderful soft , absorbent fabric, unlike any other I have ever seen before. Now that I compete in triathlons. a bathing suit is a necessity.. The new BodyRock tri-suit is perfect for practice and competitive events. Feels great in the water. Kelly Dooley definitely has an eye for fashion and function, and BodyRock Sport is a perfect representation of her passion for both. Nice job, Kelly!

Stasi: NY, NY

Love, Love, Love my one piece. It’s comfortable, easy to swim in and best of all….sexy! It’s an amazing fit. Fits high on the sides but low in the back so it conforms beautifully to your body. The mesh in the back and sides and the zipper in front give it it’s sexy edge. Plus the adjustable straps and tight fit for big breasted women make it aasy for swiming and unbelievably comfortable. I often feel like I’m wearing nothing and swimming with ease. Bathing suits are never easy to buy and I was skeptical. Kelly knew how great it would look and I’m thrilled I trusted her.

Jill: NY, NY

I wore my new Denise Bra on Saturday & Sunday already. It was great for tennis on Saturday because I was able to keep my lipstick in the pocket. The sports bra really gave great support and shape, so I am very happy with it, especially being a petite woman with a 34F chest. I was amazed by the level of detail, functionality and support of this bra. You clearly put a lot of thought into this collection, which I truly appreciate! Very beautiful! Thank you, Kelly!

Brooke: Brooklyn, NY

I’m not a designer, but I’ve got to think that swimsuits for athletes are one of the most challenging garments to come up with. That’s why there are a few cookie cutter looks out there – all fine and functional, but let’s face it, not that fashionable. Kelly Dooley has really hit the sweet spot with her one-piece suit, perfect for triathletes and others looking for something to stand up to serious use. But all the details are what put this suit in a league of its own – thin, adjustable straps, a cut that will not ride up, mesh inserts, etc. Kelly’s line doesn’t offer anything she hasn’t rigorously tested herself – and this suit is no exception.

Clare: NY, NY

Before working with BodyRock Sport, I hated working out and being seen in frumpy, boring, uncomfortable activewear. But now, with pieces like The Sophie Bra and The Peek- a-Boo Tanks, I love getting ready and going to the gym, showing off these adorable and functional pieces! Even with my casual wear, I can throw on a Morning After Tank and some leggings and be ready for anything. Right now, in fact, I am rocking The Di Top with a pair of short red shorts and sandals! love rocking my body in anything BodyRock Sport!

Sim: Boston, MA

Just wanted to share this with you and say THANKS! I went out for a long run this morning and I wore The Adrienne Cycling Shorts. You should know that short, tight shorts are not (at all!) comfortable for me to wear. I don’t like my big booty! I was honestly shocked when I tried them on last night that besides being comfortable, I felt pretty good in them. I decided to wear them this morning and they were awesome!! I didn’t feel self-conscious. In fact, I owned my booty and felt confident!! I even felt great about my body. Never would have guessed a pair of shorts could do such a thing! Thank you so much for creating a cycling short that is functional, flattering, and that fills me up with loads of confidence. 

Brittany: NY, NY

...I love the way these sport bras make me feel and I can wear them with jeans before or after my workout and not feel like i’m in workout gear. There really is a style forevery type of body. I’ve never seen so much thought go into the structure and prettiness of a bra…


...I was initially hesitant to drop so much money on a sports bra; however, after wearing it for the first time I became a BodyRock lifer! In fact, I can’t stop purchasing these blinged out beauties! They actually motivate me to get up and go to the gym/dance studio. If I’m spending top dollar on these babies, I’d better get out there and rock them. Not to mention, prior to finding BodyRock, I’d have to wear 3 different sport bras to keep my DDDs supported!...You CANNOT beat BodyRock!


...I credit Kelly Dooley for my spike in exercise because I am finally comfortable! I also love to mix and match my BodyRock pieces with everyday clothes. I find that it is an affordable and fashionable way to spice up any outfit. Thank you BodyRock Sport for keeping me supported and chic everyday!


I own The Imani Sport Bra as do several of my friends, and we all love it! I think that the key to comfort is ordering the correct size. I also have this sport bra in four other colors. We all love it because we don’t have to pull a wet sweaty bra over our heads. I even wear the bra under my nurse scrubs and on long flights….


I have at least 10 BodyRock sports bras, and at least 3 in the same style as the Imani. Although I’m obsessed with all of my BodyRock, the Imani style is my hands-down favorite style to work out in and the zipper is one of its best technical features, along with the wide elastic band. I feel really “in it” and ready to totally kick butt at my work out, and the ease of removal afterward is such a luxury. Not to go unmentioned: it looks HOT.


I own The Megan Sports Bra, which is black and gold, and I absolutely love the side zipper. It is very comfortable and is absolutely a Godsend when removing after a sweaty run. I especially like wearing this Sport Bra to my cycling class.


School keeps me insanely busy with a ton of reading. The good thing for me and for Bodyrock is that I have been working out more to keep sane and of course I have been rocking my apparel. It somehow makes me feel more confident despite my sweating problems.

Jess: Boston, MA

I finally have my first BodyRock Sports Bra - and it is HOT! I just got the Anna Bra AND the Sherry Tank… I put them both on right away and pranced around the apartment making my husband admire my new, sexy outfit. I couldn’t wait to wear it to the gym, and show it off in jump rope class… I was quite the hit. Well, I guess it was the Anna Bra more than me. :) I will definitely be letting all of my workout-loving fashonista friends know about this… they’ll love me forever. As for me, something even more bold, like The Jess Bra, will be next — pink camo and the side zipper - I can’t wait! Thank you Kelly, I am hooked!

Kerri: NY, NY

The Jan Bra makes me feel taller and more busty and I absolutely love it!! Thank you sooo much!!!

Dora: Brooklyn, NY

I LOVE MY BODYROCK BRA! I have The Cher Bra and I dont know how I ever went to the gym without it. I’m a 38 DD and it supports the girls wonderfully (especially when on the treadmill) while also keeping me cute and in style as I’m working up a sweat. Also i love that it wicks away moisture really well! I left the gym without that nasty under-boob sticky-ness that you can get with some other sports bras. Not to mention all the complements I get from ladies in the locker room asking where I found such a fabulous bra!!!

Bree: New York, NY

I want to extend our most sincere gratitude for the bedazzled, sequined, glittered, rhinestoned, pink rubied (okay…no pink rubies) earphones. We can only imagine the squeal that will emanate from our dear Arthur when he comes home tonight and finds this lovely gift. Anything that puts a smile on his face, puts a smile on ours, so we thank you very much!!!

Jeff: New York, NY

I had the “Maria” bra on today!! I was stopped by three mom’s (at different times) in the grocery store! Dr. Adriani (the kid’s Dentist) was just loving my “Maria”!! Thank you BodyRock for making me feel so good!!!!!

Cynthia: Fullerton, CA

I recently purchased my first BRS bra (The Maria) and I can honestly say that it is THE best sports bra that I’ve ever worn. As a petite girl with a larger chest, it’s usually a nightmare to find the right fit without looking like I’m wearing my grandmother’s undergarments. Walking, Running, kickboxing - you name it - The Maria supported me incredibly. Uncomfortable bouncing was eliminated and the super soft (and gorgeous) fabric felt light on my skin. Of course, the best part is the side zipper - I hate hate HATE pulling a sweaty bra over my head after a workout and the zipper allows me to effortlessly remove it after my sweatfest is over. These bras make me look good and feel good - with my wedding less than a year away, this has been just the push I needed to finally get into tip-top shape. Just ordered three more BRS bras to keep the inspiration going - keep up the fantastic work, BRS!

Jen: Boston, MA

So I finally wore my new Maria Bra to Zumba the other day and I was soooooooooo pleased! I typically wear three different forms of support to keep my puppies from bouncing all over the place! I love that I can wear one bra now and not only am I supported, but I look HOT too!!!!!!! Thanks Ms. Kelly Dooley for taking so much weight off my chest ;)!!!!

Allison: Tampa Bay, FL

Thank you so much, BodyRock Sport. The Savvy Bra has arrived, and I am sending it to our 21-year-old Granddaughter who is a Senior Airman in the Air Force stationed in Africa. Look out Africa.

Eleanor: Greenville, PA

This may sound cheesy, but BodyRock puts the fun in functional. I am actually fairly petite in the chest area, but I have never found a sports bra that has given me full support. I can’t imagine if I was well-endowed! That being said, I am SO well-supported by BodyRock’s sports bras that I own the entire collection and can’t ever imagine wearing another brand from here on out. Add to it that I feel pretty and fashionable while wearing one??? How can I lose? I can’t. Thank you so much BodyRock for providing me with more pep in my step to make my workouts even more effective!

Ellen: Mission Viejo, CA

Being the owner’s mother, I had not personally worn my daughter’s designs because I had taken a hiatus from exercise due to laziness. After spending eight days vacationing at the One and Only Palmilla in Mexico, where I worked out every day, I fell in love with the “Lock 'em Down” Collection. It was at this moment that I realized that my daughter’s designs rock! The side zipper is absolutely brilliant. With the humidity, I was able to remove the bra easily. And I received so many compliments on The Giselle Bra and The Julie Bra, which made my return to fitness much more exciting. Unfortunately, I only have two bras from her collection, and was very sad when I had to resort to my Nike Dri-Fit because I forgot to wash my BodyRock bras on the last day of vacation. Pulling that sweaty Nike Dri-Fit bra ( which was soaking wet) over my head was pure misery. I had to solicit assistance for removal. I am proud to be Kelly’s mama and I am going to buy the other two bras from the “Lock 'em Down” Collection. I am a true believer now!!!

Jan: Newport Coast, CA

I received the package today. Both The Kendra Bra and The Jaz Bra fit wonderfully. Great packaging. I love the velvet bra bags. They are beautiful and make a great impression. You’ve thought of everything. My ex-husband who is French always said the details matter. You’ve thought of all the details and have put them together in a fabulous way!!!

Jill: New York, NY

My passion for style spills over into every area of my life, including fitness. The moment I laid eyes on BodyRock Sport was divine intervention. They were beautiful and they fit my hard-to-fit narrow back perfectly! I couldn’t resist buying The Annie, The Andrea, and The Jan. Looking fabulous was what originally attracted me to the collection, but after being spoiled by the comfort, function, and overall kickass qualities of BodyRock, clearly I had to have The Savvy, The Giselle, and The Jaz, too. Now, I rock them in the gym and on the street almost daily. It’s official: I’m completely addicted to BodyRock!

Denise: New York, NY

Summertime hit in humid Manhattan and I needed a sports bra that I could remove in a sweaty second! The Jaz Bra was perfect for me in these times after running in Central Park. No more painstaking-over-the-head torturous removal! One unzip and it’s off! Functional and stylish —Kelly, you have struck again!

Sylvia: New York, NY

I have been a fitness fanatic for many years. It wasn’t until I discovered BodyRock, however, that I became a sports bra fanatic. These sports bras are not only fancy and sassy—they’re also very supportive and functional. I own The Maria, The Giselle, and The Kendra. I LOVE all of them and also LOVE all of the compliments I receive when I wear them. I can’t wait to collect more!

Becky: Dallas, TX

I am petite with a full bust and have long struggled to find sports bras that provide the fit and support that I need. Style has not even been an option in the past. The BodyRock Lock 'em Down collection has finally provided the answer to all of my fitnesswear problems! It feels great to be able to express my personal style when I work out, and the utility features are a major plus. I get several compliments on my “Jaz” and “Maria” from curious (and envious) women every time I hit the gym, and I am more motivated than ever to reach my fitness goals! I want to collect them all! Thanks, BodyRock!

Jasmine: Cambridge, MA

I LOVE my Jais bra. I am a bigger gal (38DD) and this is the VERY 1st athletic bra that has given me true support. Plus, it is so pretty, especially with all the embellishments! Most big-girl bras are quite industrial looking and then they still don’t offer the support and comfort that The Jais does. The extra wide band at the bottom does not fold, bend or scrunch, which has NEVER been the case before. Knowing that I am going to feel beautiful, comfortable and supported actually helps motivate me to be active and even get to the gym. I am pushing hard to get fit enough to wear my cute bra without a t-shirt on top. I am set to be a lifelong devotee to BodyRock Sport designs.

Sarah: New York, NY

I got The Maria and it seriously fits perfectly. Way more comfy than my other sports bras but somehow also way more supportive. How did you do it? I am so excited to rock my BodyRock at the gym. Thanks again!!!

Diana: Huntington Beach, CA

For years, I searched for the perfect sports bra, one that combined comfort and style. Nothing, and I mean nothing, existed to fill this role. That’s why when my friends told me about BodyRock Sport, I was absolutely thrilled! The chic and comfortable combination finally make it possible for me to look and feel sexy and confident while working out. Thanks to BodyRock Sport, I no longer have to surrender my sense of style at the gym!

Annie: Philadelphia, PA

As a full blown & passionate fashionista, I treasure looking & feeling good. Thanks to BodyRock Sport, I can finally feel good about my presentation while working out!

Sharie: New York, NY

These bras combine 2 of my favorite things: working out and fashion! Who says you can’t have it all! Thanks BodyRock for creating these beautiful bras!

Jennifer: Miami, FL

I just wanted to say a big fat thank you for all of your help! You answered my million questions to you! i really appreciate you taking the time to make sure i got everything right. I absolutely love bras I ordered—The Jan Bra, The Kelsey Bra and The Anna Bra. The bras are so fashionable and functional. i will definitely be a return shopper!!! We dont have a big selection of nice girls workout wear in Australia and what we do have is incredibly expensive for what it is, so it is great to purchase something online and get awesome customer service and a product that not only looks amazing but also fits well and is made with great detail. You’re onto a good thing!!!