• It's OFFICIAL: I'm a Floral Fanatic

    Feb. 24, 2012, 2:35 p.m.

    As I mentioned previously, I used to detest florals, but recently, my aborration has turned into major adoration. A couple weeks ago, I ordered a pair of Current/Elliott skinny floral print jeans that I have been hunting for ever since I spotted them at a trade show a few months ago. There's a lot of floral print jeans being released this spring, but most of the prints are a bit overkill (I know that may sound strange coming from me, but even I have limits!). Similar to my love for my polka dotted jeans, the floral print that the Current/Elliott design team created is just the right amount of color, the perfect amount of subtley. This will enable me to still have fun with my hair and makeup without looking like a total trend addict. I haven't worn them yet, as they just arrived in the mail, but I have already put together my first floral jean outfit. I will be rocking them with The Maya Bra with Gold Burnout and The Meg Tank from The Peek-a-Boo Collection I will style my hair with either my classic pompadour or a my dirty side bun, and will most definitely wear my favorite lipstick, NARS Schiap. I am very excited about this look. This outfit is fun, flirty and comfy, and ideal for my busy lifestyle. It also reminds me of my Love for All Bra from The Zip 'em Up Collection, which has become a staple in my wardrobe, once again reinforceing the power of designer intuition.

    You can get yours here: Rose Skinny Jeans