• The World's Best Bachelorette Party, New Orleans Style...

    June 4, 2012, 9:38 p.m.

    About a month ago, my maid-of-honor Jasmine sent me a text, asking me if I wanted the bridesmaids to wear those cheesy t-shirts emblazoned with "bridal bitches" and so forth. She knew that answer would be a resounding NO but she asked me nonetheless. Instead, I had a different suggestion. I said, "Since all of us own The Sophie Bra, how about we have a Sophie Bra day? That's much more my cup of tea, especially since we all rock them so differently." 

    Fast forward a month. We're in New Orleans, having the time of our lives. Amazing food, incredible music, and, of course, some of my favorite ladies, all of whom have bras named after them: Jasmine, Sherry, Chante, and Danielle. 

    We all have totally unique styles, so this was a lot of fun and a total reinforcement of the versatility of BodyRock Sport. Jasmine combined hers with an olive green maxi dress; Danielle wore a tan jumpsuit with a wide belt; Chante wore a billowy top with coral shorts; Sherry decided on a white tank, The Melanie Cargo Skinny Leggings and a pair of sneakers; and I opted for The Jessica Moto Leggings, a white tank, and my black patent leather Miu Miu hightops. 

    Jasmine did an incredible job planning this party, and she knew that I'd be gaga over the wigs at Fifi Mahoney's, a very famous wig shop on Royal Street. So, after enjoying a stellar brunch at Muriel's Jackson Square rocking our Sophie Bras, we dashed to Fifi's. The instant I stepped foot into this amazing store, I instantly fell in love with the wig on display--which was a pink mohawk covered in flowers and glitter. OMG, The Sophie Bra has come back to life in synthetic form. I was in heaven. The second I tried it on, I knew this would be the winner. This wig made me feel exactly the way it should have--like an enhanced version of myself. I'd love to rock a pink mohawk every day but that might just be too much for the world to handle! 

    After we all chose a wig, we walked out rocking our Sophie Bras and wigs. For the next 24 hours, we took NOLA by storm, drinking amazing cocktails, sautering around town and dancing the night away at the hottest jazz clubs on Frenchman Street. It was truly a majestic night that I will cherish eternally.

    I have said this before, but I will say it again: The Sophie Bra is a happy bra-it's one of those bras that makes everyone feel amazing in their own right. We all felt effing incredible. And this will surely go down in the record books as one of the best Sophie-tastic days of my life! 

    And I have no doubt that my wedding will be the same......xoxoKELLY