• The World's Best Bridal Shower...

    May 13, 2012, 10:37 p.m.

    Yesterday, my long-awaited bridal shower took place at The House in NYC, and it was hands down one of the best days of my life. Believe it or not, I had no idea what I was going to wear until the morning of the fabulous brunch that my Mom and friends had been planning for months. After a quick morning run, I decided to wear a fuchsia strapless by Marchesa by Notte that I got on Net-a-Porter about a year ago with a pair of Lanvin pumps with sequin detail that I scored for 75% off at a Bergdorf's sale in 2009. I completed the look with jaw-droppingly gorgeous pair of Knight&Hammer earrings and a patent yellow Chanel clutch. 

    We arrived casually late, and the instant I finished walking up the flight of stairs to our private dining room, I was swept away into a French abyss, replete with a variety of roses in jumbo St. Germain and Grey Goose bottles, gargantuan candles, and even a stunning Marie Antoinette cake, which was delectable (and I don't even like cake). The menu was simply divine. Highlights included oyster truffle soup, duck confit, scallop sliders, and prosciutto eggs benedict. Everything was delicious. And the games were so much fun! My favorite was BINGO, and the boards had different words like AMORE, KELLY, and ADORE. The BINGO chips were fuchsia glittery hearts. PERFECTION. And all of the guests received a tube of pink lipstick before departing, which, as many of you probably know, is my signature color. 

    Because I already have an extensive collection of lingerie, we decided to have a bar-themed party. I received so many amazing gifts, including a Swarovski encrusted skull bottle stopper by Olivia Riegel, at least 12 varieties of liquor, martini glasses, a gorgeous pair of La Perla panties, Agent Provocateur nipple tassels, coasters, tequila in an AK-47 shaped bottle, candles, a heart decanter by Riegel, and many, many more. Oh, I can't forget about the edible panties. I also received countless heartfelt cards that brought tears to my eyes. 

    My Mom said that she has never seen me so happy, which speaks wonders because I am a very happy person. What made me especially happy was having so many people that I love in one room, many from different phases of my life, all present to celebrate my upcoming nuptials to Andrew and to remind me of many funny memories, like my dorky college years at BU, where all I did was the stairmaster and study. 

    I am incredibly lucky to have this rock solid group of women (and one gent) in my life, all of whom I love tremendously. (After all, these are the people who inspire my designs). Thanks to all of you who helped make this the world's best bridal shower, for which I am eternally grateful....xoxoKELLY