June 2011: Anna


I work out at the Equinox Fitness in the Upper East Side and do two vinyasa yoga classes a week, as well as run 3 miles on the treadmill several times a week. If weather permits I would rather run around the reservoir in Central Park. My hobby is to take Sammy around the city and take pictures of him for the Sammy and the City website: www.sammyandthecity.com/

Additionally, carrying Sammy around the city, while only being a ten pound pomeranian, after 4 hours it becomes quite a workout. In conclusion and equally important to all is just maintaining a very active lifestyle. Often, Sammy and I rock our bodies with some classic rock climbing and jogging in Central Park. Not only have I received many compliments from many people on The Kim Tank, The Shauna Tank, and The Megan Bra, but I can personally attest to their functionality and durability during my rigorous workouts.