August 2012: Bry Jensen

Bry Jensen

(1) How I rock my body: with consistent intense exercise that pushes me harder every day, involving heavy weight lifting, HIIT plyometric cardio, kickboxing, and whatever else I can get involved in such as pole dancing, aerial silks, TRX resistance training, surfing or rock climbing! 

(2) What makes me feel empowered: Being able to reach out to others to help and inspire them to be their best, happiest, and healthiest selves. There is nothing more inspiring than being able to inspire and motivate others, and there is no greater empowerment than helping others find their own power! 

(3) Favourite workout: Traditionally, I absolutely love weightlifting, especially when I work my shoulders with a combination of free weights and cables to exhaust the deltoid muscles from every direction! When outside of the gym, I am passionate about surfing, and love riding the waves. 

I am wearing The Cher Bra from The Zip 'em Up Collection:

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