May 2012: Christie


I rock my body these days hitting the weights and making sure they get heavier.  I played Division 1 college soccer and we used strength training as part of our regular on and off season training.  I remained active as a new wife and Mom but just recently rediscovered my love for strength training, and am finally using my college degree in Exercise Science to work as a personal trainer and find myself in gym outfits daily.  I love being able to sparkle it up with my BodyRock bras.  
What makes me feel empowered is competing with my old self.  Being so fit and active all of my life after children, I found that I had forgotten myself way too often!!  If not training for a sport, why set personal records or do olympic lifts? What I found out in the past year is the reason to do those things is simply because I love it.  Being a Mom of two little girls and a busy Army wife is no excuse to not get better and stronger every day.  I find myself excited to plan my workout for the next day and get in the gym and get it done.  Found a new outlet for competition and have competed in three NPC Figure shows this past year.  Once I graduated college and hung up my cleats, I thought my competing days were over and boy was I wrong.  I have found myself stronger and fitter physically and mentally even if I'm just a busy mom and Army wife.  
Here's my favorite workout:
Booty Wurk
Front Barbell A$# to ground squats 3X10
Barbell walking lunges 3X12 each leg
Barbell bench step ups 3X10 each leg
Dumbbell Split Squats 3X10 each leg
Straight leg Barbell Dead lifts 3X12

Here, I am wearing The Pam Bra from The Keep 'em In Collection and The Durga Booty Shorts with Gold Burnout from The Yoganista Collection.