May 2013: Gail


I received my teaching certification in Dao Yin Yoga at Spirit Winds Internal Arts, from Sifu Chik Mason.  In addition, I completed my 200 RYT Essential Yoga Teacher certification with Francois Raoult at Open Sky Yoga Center in Rochester, NY.  I have been teaching at Hive Lifespan in Buffalo since April 2010.
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My favorite workout is HOT power yoga...the hotter, the better! I not only love the challenge of it but also love the ability to expand and grow each time that I step on my mat. Each class is truly an adventure to discovering your true self. What is really happening on the inside as well as a time to just recharge and start fresh! My yoga practice truly does empower me. Yoga has taught me many things, maybe most importantly is that whenever a problem or an obstacle comes my way (both on and off the mat), I can dig in and find the strength to handle pretty much anything.I love sharing this zest for yoga and for life in general with my students, including my friends and most definitely my kids!! 

Here, I am rocking The Genevieve Twisted Tank with The Hera Capris!