July 2012: Goska


I've been working out for few years, mostly cardio and classes, and I would never see the difference and changes in my body, except getting way too skinny. It was like that until summer last year, when I hired a personal trainer, and I would see the changes, but still I would not pay attention to what I ate, so this still wasn't enough. I was just starting to learn about clean eating, weight lift training, supplements. I was so intrigued that I absorbed the information like a sponge. But still I was one of those women who were afraid to lift weights, fearing that might get bulky and too muscular. But my trainer talked me into it and once I started seeing changes, I knew this is what I want to do, and this became my passion. I started serious bodybuilding trainings, until September past year, when I had unfortunate accident and fractured femoral neck, and I was out for almost 5 months. I couldn't walk; i couldn't do anything because of this hip fracture.

While recovering, I promised to myself that once I'm fully recovered, I would train more, I would focus more and would fight all my weaknesses. It was hard in the beginning,  as I was still having pain but I just kept pushing. I wanted to make big changes, and I did. But that doesn't mean I stopped, once I saw the pictures--I was so motivated to do more. Training makes me feel sooo much better: I feel strong, I feel confident and whenever people come up to me, because they know me from before my transformation and they ask for advice and even for some of them, I became an inspiration, which makes me soo happy that I actually have this knowledge now and can help others. Making people happy makes me happy. Some of my friends actually started to workout and take care of their health because of my transformation!  Health is the most important thing in the life--without it, you can't do anything. 

I'm still an amateur, but I learn very fast, since it's became my passion, and one day I will become a professional in what I love to do the most - fitness. It's not a one time thing; it's a lifestyle changing journey, and I am enjoying every single day of it.

My recent workouts are mostly weight lifting and type of crossfit trainings. I do some cardio to stay lean, but not too much, since I'm trying to add some muscles to my legs and glutes, not burn them. I also take classes like bootcamp and another that is called hardcore, and it really is! 

I rock my body every possible way--some people ask me how can I train so much and so heavy and I say, "When you love doing something, then there is nothing to stop you. I think about my goals, about what I want to achieve and how much better I can get. Stay strong, stay motivated, stay focused."

She is wearing The Parvati Bra with The Parvati Booty Shorts