October 2012: Hali Minh Truong

Hali Minh Truong

I am 35-years-old, a medical doctor, and mother of a three-year old boy. Height: 5'2", 97lbs, 14% Body Fat. One of the best ways I rock my body is with my favorite workout - teaching Zumba Fitness and Aqua Zumba. I feel empowered by being and setting an example to my students and others the values of focus and dedication, teaching them to rock their bodies and shake the sexiness on the dance floor, and sharing the experience that an aerobic and toning workout called Zumba, which is like a dance party at a club with the benefit of burning an average 600-800 calories per class hour. I add a slice of abdominal planks, and a pinch of wind sprints to the mix - out comes a BodyRocker. 

Here, I am wearing The Parvati Bra and The Parvati Booty Shorts, both from The Yoganista Collection!