June 2012: Jaime Perry

Jaime Perry

I rock my body by competing in running and biking events, triathlons, fitness competitions, weight training, keeping up with my two young children and standing tall and proud with confidence every single day!!  I love the feeling of being healthy and fit.  My favorite thing to do to workout is lift weights.  My favorite body part to train is my legs because they are powerful and strong.  I feel most powerful while training legs when I am doing box jumps.  There is something about challenging myself to see how high I can jump and feeling athletic while accomplishing this.  I feel empowered knowing that I am able to accomplish all of the above activities with confidence, success and pride.  I feel empowered because I know that I can set my mind to a physical goal, and achieve it with proper training and mental focus.  The ultimate satisfaction for me, is knowing I have a high functioning, powerful body that can be pushed to limits I didn't previously know. Thank you to BodyRock for inspiring all of us to rock our bodies in a positive and productive way, by creating activewear that is both comfortable and chic.