February 2013: Kelsey Byers

Kelsey Byers

It is very important to me to make my health and fitness one of my first priorities.  I take pride in eating clean every day and working out five days a week.
Rocking my BEST body gives me confidence and happiness like no other!  Knowing that I am taking care of myself and keeping my body healthy and strong
empowers me to go after big goals!  It all starts from within.  Whether my goal is focused on my faith, family, finances, fitness or school, the happiness I have within gives me the drive and motivation to see the goals through to the end.  
BodyRock Sport designs make fitness fun!  A BodyRock Sport outfit is my reward for accomplishing goals!  It never hurts to look in the mirror and not only love your body,
but the attire you are wearing!  Nothing beats a rockin' body and outfit! Here I am rocking a custom hand-painted bra that I had Kelly create with Philippe Valy with The Durga Tiny Bikini Bottoms (http://www.bodyrocksport.com/shop/item/the-durga-tiny-bikini-bottoms/)

Workout of choice:  Glutes!  I combine deadlifts, leg press, squats, hamstring curls and lunges to sculpt my glutes and legs.