August 2011: Nargus


As a former D1 collegiate athlete in both running and swimming, and a yoga instructor at the 500-RYT level, I have become versed at rockin’ my body in the most amazing ways. In 2007, I was training to obtain the Olympic trial cut in the marathon and was struck by an 18-wheeler truck in a hit and run. I was told I would never be able to walk again. I am walking, and running marathons again-- and BodyRockin’ my way back up the ranks to get that Olympic trial cut soon enough!

I absolutely adore BodyRock not only because of its functionality (Pockets for gels or ipods in your sport bras?!) and beauty, but because of its mission as a brand to advocate for emBODYing and embracing each Body’s unique qualities. Indeed, the body is an awe-inspiring thing. I carve out some time each day to appreciate and respect its faculties, to acknowledge that there are certain things about the body the mind cannot even fathom: these are the subtleties and complexities that propel us forward. Attuning oneself to these things is a prerequisite of becoming who you are!