February 2012: Robin


I've always been a fit girl. Even at age five, my parents recognized that my little body had far too much energy to be contained, so they enrolled me in dance and gymnastics classes. I competed in dance throughout high school, and then competed in Acrobatic Gymnastics into college. I think I fell in love with Acrobatic Gymnastics because it gave me an opportunity to feel beautiful, elegant and STRONG all at the same time. And I think that's what BodyRock Sport does for me. It showcases the muscles and strength I work hard every day to achieve, but still enables me to feel beautiful, feminine and stylish.

I'm 32-years old now, my competitive gymnast days are thing of the past, but my passion for muscles and sweat still burns strong every day. The weight room has become my house of worship. It's where I go to feel like I am in complete control in an otherwise chaotic world! Training my back is my favorite because as women, we are the backbones of our familes, so I think that having a strong back makes me feel very empowered!

I compete in NPC bikini competitions and enjoy the motivation they give me to test my limits every day. I love that are a lot of companies, especially BodyRock Sport, that encourage women to train hard and achieve the body of their dreams. I wear my BodyRock gear with pride, knowing that I'm supporting a company that supports strong, beautiful women everywhere!