October 2011: Sasha


I rock my body every day! Sometimes twice a day and pre-contest season, even three times a day! And I love it!!! I often get asked what  my motivation is to work out so hard. The best motivation for me is new workout clothes! I could not wait to wear my first BodyRock outfit for my workout! I got so many compliments on colors, fabrics and design on my new workout outfit. I love bright colors because they put me in a good mood and gives me lots of energy! I truly believe that color of clothes you wearing reflect how you feel. As a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach, I want to bring only good energy to my clients and BodyRock activewear enables me to achieve that goal. As a fitness model, I love to wear BodyRock tops and shorts for my photoshoots. I feel sexy and confident! Check it out on my websitewww.sashabrownpt.com! I am also planing to make my own workout video and I definitely will wear my favorite workout outfits from BR collection. Thank you for making my workout wardrobe more colorful and sexy! Rock your body with good energy and confidence!