Andie Botel

New Jersey
Fitness expert/personal trainer, fashion expert/certified stylist/personal shopper
Star Sign:
Favorite Workout:

I started working out in the early 80's when it was pretty much unheard of for girls to be lifting weights! My friend & I were always the only females in the gym~The day I picked up my first set of dumbbells it was love at first sight & 28+ years later the love affair continues on with no end in sight~
My absolute favorite workout is one where I am incorporating medicine balls/stability balls/dumbbells/barbells/kettle bells & using the smith/cybex or cable machines....Sometimes I super-set working different body parts/muscle groups, sometimes I just focus on one body part. I typically do cardio 3-5 times a week ranging from running, elliptical, ski machine or stair master. I am always changing it up & never ever repeat or do the same workout~ I pride myself on being creative & innovative & keeping it fresh, new & challenging even after all these years~ After all, I have to keep my muscles guessing!

How You Feel Empowered:

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 years ago it came as a complete surprise & shock to me as well as to everyone that knew me. I was in the best shape of my life & lived a very healthy & holistic lifestyle & thought that I was the last person in the world that would ever get the big "C". I had an in-home personal training business with about 6 trainers training for me & had clients in NJ & PA. What kept me feeling confident, strong & empowered during this time in my life & the one thing that I felt in control of was continuing with my workouts & making sure that I went to the gym on the days before & after my treatments. Looking fabulous in my active-wear was very important to me if not more important then ever & was a key contributing factor in my healing & recovery. My love for one-of-a-kind, high-fashion, luxury & functional active-wear continues on with BodyRock Sport~ Thank you Mrs. Kelly Kalley!

Favorite BodyRock Piece & How You Rock It:

I have always been a risk taker where fashion is concerned. Flashback to 1974, I bought a pair of pink & white patent leather polka dot heels (pretty flashy) & was the first girl in my entire high school to rock a pair of Frye cowboy boots~ I used to get stares & glares like I was from outer space~ It's pretty funny when I look back at it now...
My very first active-wear purchases were a barbell necklace & sweatshirt with barbell logos! I thought I was so edgy & fashion forward~Come to think of it I think I rocked that look pretty good! Back then, the choices were pretty limited! For my 23rd birthday, my girlfriends got me my first workout belt & first pair of workout gloves! I was so excited! From that day on a true fitness fashionista was born!

So naturally I have chosen BodyRock Sport as my #1 fitness source & really is there any other?! Choosing just one favorite BodyRock piece is an almost impossible task & is a toughie but since I have to choose just one let's say that today I choose the crushed gold velvet bra from Bespoke! It is absolutely gorgeous & I am in love with every single detail! Where else can you find a crushed gold velvet workout bra with Swarovski crystals other then at BodyRock Sport?!