Jennifer Adams

Reno, NV
Hairdresser (but seriously, I'm a Mommy first!)
Star Sign:
Sagittarius (the best one, in case you were wondering)
Favorite Workout:

Love having a trainer push me through legs - gotta tighten the ass and thighs and if I could only choose one workout that would be it, but I'm mostly a runner which is my first love.

How You Feel Empowered:

I think being a woman and a mom has empowered me the most.  Staying fit and active makes me feel good on the inside because I feel good on the outside.  It's silly to have low self-esteem or self-image or maintain all that baggage when you feel so damn good!!  I learned to let it all go and just enjoy who I am while always working on myself both physically and emotionally.  I'm 5'9" tall and curvy and it took time when I was younger to embrace who and what I am and just roll with it, but I have to say, maintaining a size 4 most of my life (except when I was pregnant), being tall and curvy feels GOOD once I got past feeling like an Amazon!!  I think we're all blessed with trials, gifts, etc..  and it's empowering having my own story to add to the stories of everyone I know.  My uniqueness is my best trait.

Favorite BodyRock Piece & How You Rock It:

OH GOD!!!  Everything!!  I think I wear the Lauren Bra the most actually because it goes with so much and I layer it in the winter under low cut sweaters.  Sophie is almost a tie...  Geez, though....My head just exploded!!