We recently collaborated with French artist Philippe Valy, who depicts his love for the female body in many ways. His paintings represent the exotic landscapes of his vividly poetical unconscious. One who opens himself to the exploration of his paintings will encounter an endless series of mirrors reflecting symbols of the most basic and deepest patterns of feelings present in human beings.They are images that seem to continuously flash between reality and dream, metaphorically narrating moments of death, birth, sadness, love and passion. Women of flesh and bones are turned into goddesses who rule in his canvases. They are ecstatic, incandescent and immortal. Multiple eyes in all directions creating a mystical realm where body, mind, and spirit collide. The depth of sensation transmitted in his painting comes from the sensation felt by Valy himself during the very instant of creation. He transcends this reality, becoming one with his painting. Such a process he calls osmosis, which is a result of a very pure love he feels inside of himself for his art.

Valy is known worldwide and recognized as an artist of caliber throughout major organizations and dignitary circles. As a result of having reached such level of recognizable success in his field, he has been included in the nation's registers 'Who's Who in Executves & Professionals' for appearance in the year 2000 edition.

If we look back at the history of Art, we see the innumerous styles and philosophies that have existed. At the end of each historical period, there was always one artist sensitive enough to create and prophesy the art of the next cycle. At this present, we have arrived at a point where Art screams for a new redefinition. However, there is one artist whose art contains the masters of the past, and the very messages and vision of the future. An artist whose free philosophy is simply his own, whose language of image rests on what is the very essence in humans, the erotic unconscious. His name is Valy, the painter of the future.

This represents the beginning of a fantastical collaboration, one that not only reinforces that fashion and art are in fact one-in-the-same but that also represents the beauty the results from the melding of two creative minds. 

The Annabelle Bra is hand painted and is machine washable. Each creation takes two through four hours to create, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Valy and BRS founder Kelly Dooley.

Made with love in New York City. Please allow two weeks for delivery. 



V-Neck; metallic gold YKK zipper with BRS puller; 1.25 inch elastic band; hand painted by Valy in metallics, greens, and reds




(1) Body: 84% Supplex nylon, 16% Lycra
(2) Lining: 87% nylon, 13% spandex and 94% nylon and 6% spandex and 100% poly






100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee



The tagless labels add extra comfort

Proudly made in the USA

Limited Edition