The Cleopatra Gloves

Cleopatra ruled all of Ancient Egypt & commanded Mark Anthony's heart - just like our Cleopatra bra will inspire you to rule the gym & capture many an admirer's passion. Cleopatra would have been the ultimate BodyRocker if she were alive today, as she fought for what she believed in; she was sexy, seducing countless men with her killer looks and charm; and she was intelligent, as she understood politics and men, and she certainly played her games very well. She was so ahead of her time and continues to inspire women today. Talk about a legacy. 

We've been dreaming about BodyRock Sport workout gloves for a long time, so we decided to team up with G-Loves to help design lightweight, ultra feminine workout gloves that complement our sports bras. As always, our attention to detail remains unparalleled, enabling us to create gloves that are equally fashionable and functional. 

They adjust to fit the shape of your hand, giving your ability to get your workout in without developing calluses. 

Made of breathable and lightweight Neoprene that is moisture-wicking and contours to your hands.

No Slip

Open knuckle design so you can show off your bling

Hand wash with soap and water

Pink and Silver Sequined Spandex with Black Neoprene 







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100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


The tagless labels add extra comfort

Proudly made in the USA

Limited Edition