Robin Romero

San Diego, CA
Paralegal and Nutrition & Fitness Consultant
Star Sign:
Favorite Workout:

Back day! It's the day I feel most strong!

How You Feel Empowered:

I thrive off helping other women! My nutrition & fitness clients check in with me on Saturdays with the progress pictures. When I read their emails and see their pictures, each week being one step closer to their goals, that's when I feel the most empowered. Knowing that I am helping other women achieve their goals and dreams, there is no better feeling than that!


Favorite BodyRock Piece & How You Rock It:

I love the Robin Bra and Gloves because they're named after ME! They remind me that if someone as amazing as Kelly believes in me enough to name a bra and gloves after me, there's no reason I should ever not believe in myself!